An Old Letter

An Old Letter

By: Jenny Alforria


Dear Jenny,


You can run all you want

but trust me,

you can’t run from me

I’ll catch up to you

Slowly…. but surely

You can push me aside,

tell me you wish I would die,

but in the end…

you can’t escape me.

You can cut me with that knife,

but I still will be by your side

no matter how much you hate me,

you can’t avoid me.

and I know it tears you apart,

makes you cry,

breaks your heart

But the reality is…..

sooner or later

you’re going to have to face me.

I am apart of you,

no matter how much

you want me to be gone

You hide me during the day,

so I keep you up all night long

I know you see me as this dark cloud,

but I am apart of what made you.

I know I may hurt

But I promise

you’ll thank me for what I do,

so instead of beating me up,

hiding me

and running away from me,

how about you love me,

and give me a hug.

This darkness I cast on you

will bring light.

Let’s love each other,

we don’t have to fight

because no matter how much you hate me

I am here to last.

You wouldn’t exist without me.

I am here to tell you..

it’s time you deal with me…




Your Past!


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