Love Prison


Love Prison

By: Jenny Alforria


I’m imprisoned not just by your love

But the love I have for you

The bars are made of your words

The sexual attraction and the sweet things that you do

But the cell is made of control


And deceit

Causing me to have insecurities


And low self-esteem

The beds are made of unfaithful acts

That your opinion of me being beautiful

Is not a fact

I feel like when it comes to you

I’m not woman enough

So I get high when things get tough

My cellmate is my self-conscious

Telling me to do everything I need to do to leave

Telling me I can do better than that

Be the best that I can be

The key is my decision

On whether or not I should stay or go

And the lovemaking is telling me yes

But the hits are telling me no

So you choked me with your love

Then snatched my heart out my chest

And hid the finger prints with a glove

Like it has never even been caressed

You hurt me so bad

I realized my heart was the only thing holding me back

And that I need to stop this

I need to get my life on track

So now I’m on probation

Because my mind bailed me out

Now I know what you’re all about

But now I know

And now I see

That I was imprisoned by the love I had for you

Not the love you had for me



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