By: Jenny Alforria

They try to put me in boxes

They categorize me based on illness, class, and ethnicity.

They try to diagnose me with disease after disease

They call me crazy, delusional,

and past the point of no return

They look down upon me

They frown upon me

They look at me with confusion and disgust

I always felt I wasn’t good enough

for these people’s love

Time and time again

I never understood why they hated me so much

But a bully in grade school once told me….

I was a cool person, but her mom told her to hate someone like me

I had learned from a young age that people will always have a problem with me.

It could be my looks, my size, my ethnicity…..

My mind, my posture, my “mental disease”

But the problem was never me

It was always society’s

Teaching and instilling hate at a young age is almost impossible for one to see

I’m human just like them….

my differences shouldn’t cause fear, disgust, or bigotry

Some of us adults should go back to grade school and learn basic human concepts

like love, acceptance, and empathy

We have degrees in system made theories and ideologies

yet we haven’t learned how to make a simple apology….

or communicate with our neighbors, or feed the poor,

instead we study pharmaceutical medicine…and learn about wars.

We build off a system of hate and build psychological walls.

Causing people to commit suicide and tell themselves this hate inflicted upon them

is all their fault!

But I don’t want to separate and divide with these words I express.

Nor bring any more pain, or make someone depressed.

Instead open the mind to what we repress.

Let’s not forget to be human, forget to be free

from this psychological slavery.

If you want to be a hero-love your family!

So maybe another little girl can grow up to have a stronger self esteem.

Don’t create any more bullies

let’s create love, acceptance and empathy.

Cuz the differences start with the little things.

Not at your careers or masters degrees.

Tell someone you love its ok to be unique.

Don’t be a carbon copy,

or a societal Barbie and Ken.

So many adults

still playing pretend

This is why I now try to be myself……

so someone else knows……………..

it’s ok to be them 💕💕💕💕💕


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