Birth of the Dark Angel 

Birth of the Dark Angel

By:Jenny Alforria


I have to live in the darkness

to live in the light

I have to embrace the chaos

in order to take flight

I have to feel the pain

in order to feel joy

I can’t run from the darkness

that gave birth to my soul.

It’s ok to be a dark angel.

Many don’t know that….

constantly searching for happiness

takes people’s souls.

The constant fight for happiness

causes addiction to drugs and material things

Sometimes living in the dark

is what your soul needs.

Avoiding the pain

causes you to run to deadly things.

Embrace those tears

it is what your body needs!

Have acceptance of the pain

that gave birth to your soul.

Running away from darkness

causes destruction of your soul.

When this dark angel plays

no one understands

That the pain created her

That she’s free because she’s sad

She no longer goes on endless drug trips

To escape the trauma she has endured

People don’t understand

the pain is the cure!

She accepts the terrors

and the trail of tears

And the robbery of her childhood years

Pain made her beautiful

Pain made her the woman you see today

This dark angel is me and

I am no longer ashamed ❤️


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