Mental Illness

Mental Illness

By: Jenny Alforria


When you wake up early in the morning

you have no motivation or energy to even get up

Depression tells you lay there

Anxiety is afraid you won’t get up

When you have to meet with a friend…

You unexpectedly have a flashback

and may have a panic attack or two

You take medicine to calm you down….

Then you sleep past the time you were suppose to get there by.

And then you’re anxious everyone will be mad at you….

You got to be to class

and you got 4 hours of homework to do….

looking at the work overwhelms you….

anxiety keeps reminding you that your assignment is late….

So you come up with an excuse,

but the reality is anxiety and depression is why the paper is past due.

You got to go therapy…

there are days you may be too depressed to go.

You know you need to go there to get help,

but at the same time you don’t have the energy to go.

Your boyfriend wants to take you out on a date,

and you would love to go,

but you feel too ugly to even go out.

And too much of an emotional mess to get ready to go…

The choice is to be happy,

but everyday you must push yourself past these barriers that keep you down.

Everyone tells you

to just be happy…and be positive

no one sees how hard you try every day to do just that.

Everyone talks about how you isolate

and spend too much time alone…

but not those small but challenging steps…

when you make a phone call,

or get to an appointment on time.

No one sees how hard you really try to fight for your life.

This is what living with a mental illness is like.


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