My Trapped Soul

My Trapped Soul

By: Jenny Alforria


Pass the exterior is my soul…

My ego has had its daily dose

I feel like I can conquer the world….

But if you look deep within

you’ll see the little girl.

Oh yes the ego has been stroked

But not the soul…..

The void is this bottomless pit 
with a superficial glow……

never have I made love to someone

never did someone really know

Buried deep inside is that little girl

who never got the chance to grow

She’s lost somewhere still in that abandoned home.

And I have become addicted to all these superficial things…

But deep inside somewhere I want help

Somewhere inside I want others to know I’m suffering.

That I want a deeper love than the high I get from percocets and zanies.

But don’t know where to find it

So drug addiction became the closest thing

Pass the exterior is my soul

and inside I’m suffering.


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