No Self Love 

No Self-Love

By: Jenny Alforria

People told me all my life

that I can’t love no one else

till I love myself

I can’t find love

from someone else….

Majority of my life I been abused

The people who were supposed to love me were the ones who hated me

They have put these things in my mind

that I’m not good enough,

that I’m only meant to be used.

But you tell me I have to love myself….

I’ve been told I was nothing for years

Face your fears

and wipe those tears

Baby you’re gorgeous…

but I get taken advantage of…

Can you see why

I have this fucked up definition of love.????

I’m told to accept myself

and move on from the past

Kind of hard to do

when the self I am

is the one you tell to wear a mask.

The point is

I’m starting off from scratch

Don’t know how to love myself

or where to begin.

I’ve been running around in circles aimlessly trying to love from within

But maybe I’m so loving to others

because I can see myself inside them

I don’t have an objective point of view when it comes to loving me.

So I have to look outside myself

to find my own beauty,

I get judged for this,

but I’m sorry this is me!

So when I give,

when I kiss,

when I make you smile,


and make your day

I finally see my own beauty

that my past has hidden away.

Through you I love myself,

I’m sorry I’m this way….


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