By: Jenny Alforria

Lisa died as a crack head on the street

As a hoe

And a thief

No good for anything

But before you pass these judgements

Let me tell you Lisa’s story

Then let me know

what you think

Lisa was once a child

Had it difficult growing up

Was molested by her step father

at 8 years old

Physically abused by her mom

She stayed home a lot

Taking care of her siblings

was her job

She was always told she wasn’t nothing

From the day she was born

Finally told her mom

about her step dad molesting her

when she became 10 years old

Mom didn’t care

what was happening to her every night

Cuz at the end of the day

he’s bringing home the money

And she should be happy

she has a father figure in her life

So Lisa didn’t talk about it anymore

Continued to lay there

and num her brain

as he came in her room at night

Then at 13 years old

she began getting attention

from other guys

That attention was love to her

The only way she felt beautiful inside

Got her self a boyfriend

who was 25 years old

He was a drug dealer

Didn’t care about her

Sad to say this was a break

from her abuser at home

Even though

Her boyfriend sold her body to his friends

She thought this was love


That’s when

Her best friend

Became drugs

She hated herself

but her boyfriend made her feel

like she was worth while

Until she got pregnant at 14

He told her to get out of his life

She had to give up the child

she was called a whore by her family

Then she was placed into a foster home

They couldn’t handle her issues

They didn’t know she was trying

But she couldn’t adjust

to this type of thing

She felt misunderstood

So she ran away at 16

Sex was love to her

It boosted her self esteem

She sold her body to men

That’s the only thing she felt

she really knew

Her teachers always told her

she was a bad kid

So she didn’t see a chance

of making it through school

Moved in with abusive dude

after abusive dude

Like this was normal to her

But this is how she got through

When she became an adult

she went from pills to crack

Neighborhood made fun of Lisa

She wasn’t nothing but a hoe

and a crack head

they said

She became so desperate

to feed her drug habit

She became a theif

Stealing tvs from all her friends

Couldn’t trust her with anything

The life she was living caught up to her

When she robbed a drug dealer

she was seeing

Sold her body to him

Manipulated him

Then robbed him

for thousands and thousands of dollars worth of things

So he raped her with his crew

Beat her till she bled

Cut up her body

Then threw it in a trash bag

But if you ask anyone

They say she had it coming

She was no good

A crack head ,

A hoe,

and a thief

No one would say Lisa had it hard

That at one point

She was actually trying

No one would explain how

she was victimized her whole life

No one would remember her as anything other then a crack head

A hoe

And a theif

No one will see

how Lisa was just responding

to her environment

That she was a symptom

Of a sick society

No one will even identify her as Lisa

Once an innocent child

Society made Lisa

ostrachized her for her crack head ways

And when they were ready

they threw Lisa away

No one will see

She was murdered by society

society killed an innocent child

Not a crack head

A hoe

Or a thief

So now that you heard Lisa’s story

let me know

what you think…….


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