The Void 

The Void 
You keep on filling the void 

that you don’t even see

The void you feel 

right before you take a drink 

You keep on filling this void 

to feel some relief 

But it comes right back 

right before you sleep 

You are looking to substitute 

the love you never had 

You keep on trying to find a substitute 

for your dead mom and dad 

You keep on exhausting yourself 

trying to ease your mind 

You looking for something that you’ll never find 

Trying to complete a puzzle 

but you’re missing a piece 

But that piece is you! 

That’s the one you slowly killing 

just to have some peace.

You feel so alone 

amoung a crowd….

You feel like no one will understand 

the way you feel and think

You put on a mask 

begging for love

 but all you do is get abused and used

Because you are afraid to be yourself 

You’re afraid to choose 

just being you

You wish the void could get filled 

by materialistic things 

but you feel dead 

and dead is sometimes what you rather be. 

I know this feeling well, 

I see what you see 

After all this poem is about 

the void I have inside of me. 


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