By:Jenny Alforria 

John has a degree

A job

and a nice home 

He’s handsome and wealthy 

Got a family to call his own! 

Parents supported him 

every step of the way

He’s set for life…

things always went his way

Every time he walks to work 

he sees a homeless man who begs

He walks past him in disgust 

you can tell he’s on drugs 

John just doesn’t understand 

why people like him 

can’t pull themselves up

This man is such a bum 

Stop begging for money 

just to get drugs 

Get a damn job!!!

John could care less 

about this Jon Doe 

who he wish would get lost

John works hard! 

Why can’t this homeless man 

do the same? 

Yeah John is unhappy at times 

Sometimes he can’t sleep 

His wife only loves him 

for the image 

and material things 

His kids look at him 

as a wallet 

never had to worry about anything 

I guess you can say 

John is a participating member of society

He’s living that American Dream…..

John drinks coffee 

to get through his long days

Deep down he’s unhappy with his job 

but hey!…..

as long as he gets paid 

He got a life style 

and family to maintain

Little does John know 

him and that homeless man 

is very much the same 

Both confined by society 

Both trying to get through the day 

They both inject themselves 

but in a different way 

Both chasing after money 

Trying to feed that emptiness 

each and every day 

Brainwashed by false messages

Both are a slave to money 

Both are disconnected from God 

John doesn’t realize 

He’s no better 

than the homeless man he sees

John doesn’t see 

they are both victimized 

By society 


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