Spiritual War

Spiritual War

By: Jenny Alforria
We beg to our creator to change things all the time….

We question Gods judgment

We start believing satanic lies

We give up on God time after time……

But no matter what

God is always our guide

We start looking at the state of the world

And believe in all the negativity and rules

We get consumed by demons

But we think we are doing what we supposed to do.

We hope our elected politicians can change the world

We ignore the simple love spread through universal law.

We ignore the beauty of Mother Earth

We let our passions and dreams die

We walk by and ignore the poor

We don’t realize we are the answer to change each and every time

We follow society’s rules, and we lack trust and faith in Gods signs

We place people in roles

Because society has always been scripted

Miserable adults calling themselves responsible

They Never even realized

They let their souls die

We make false Gods out of people who are only playing out their script that society has gave to them.

We call people who follow mere signs delusional and schizophrenic

We call intuition and gut wrench feelings manic bipolar symptoms

But of course when shit turns out good

You’re called a story of success.

Sorry to break it to you

Success is just a man made concept

An imaginary bench mark on your life

That keeps you a slave like the rest

So we question where is God in a world of hate and stress.

Why does he let people suffer, and we wonder if he exist.

Not realizing he created us to solve these crimes against the universe

He created us to be like him

Loving and compassionate

Hopeful and positive

God has not failed us

We failed him

And yes the devil is real

But we commit the sins

God breaks all illusions

Societal Rules don’t fear him

Be one and transcend past fear based ideologies

Past systemic roles

Just Take “risks”

God is not found by the awakened he just is seen

Once you’re enlightened you’re just waking up out of a horrible dream

Each action is a ripple effect into the universe we are all tied together

Not separated by country, race, religion, political parties, gender, etc.

when we realize that we are one….How you treat others is the way you treat yourself.

I’m not separate from you…..I am you and you are me-

just Human.

Free will is the only characteristic that classifies me…

Don’t follow lost sheep

Just Follow the signs that God laid before your feet


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