By: Jenny Alforria 

I’m stuck in this place 

where they force you to conform 

To their ideas and their way of living 

I’m forced to live in this place 

where you gotta live by these rules

Or else they’ll lock you up and torture you

Don’t dare to have an idea of living 

that’s different from what they believe is true 

They’ll call you crazy 

Say you need medications 

They’ll tell you 

you have mental issues

Anything that’s different

 from go to work and go to school

Is something you simply should not pursue 

It’s perfectly fine to live miserably 

as long as you do what you have to do

Stress is perfectly normal too!

Money is your lifeline 

that’s what we slave for every day 

When the earth is all ours 

but we found a way to deny people what is theirs! 

See we are already locked up 

by this society we have created

This shouldn’t be normal

Society is crazy

All these people who lost their Minds

 are the ones who have awaken

But if I express these thoughts

 I’ll be considered crazy 

So I’m left to conform and pretend 

that society is not enslavement. 


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