My Suicide Note 

My Suicide Note 
For a really long time I’ve been wanting to die. 

It’s getting really hard to breathe 

And be this person I don’t like to see 

I can’t stand this person I have become 

Constantly avoiding life on life terms

I hate how exhausted I constantly am 

How I spend my days in the bed all day 

Too weak to even stand 

Depression and anxiety constantly eating at my life

Fighting so long that I no longer fight 

Drowning in symptoms of PTSD 

Locked up in my room 

Binge Watching tv episodes 

To escape my life of doom 

Not showering for days at a time 

Did I mention binge watching tv episodes 

But my life is the only thing on rewind….

Too fatigued to comb or wash my hair 

Too scared to look into the mirror, 

Life imprisoned by fear

Yeah this is a suicide note 

Of a suicide I’ve committed a long time ago. 

I’m grieving over a girl who died a long time ago. 

Now that I’m in the after life……I came to realize there is a life that’s after life.

And I’m ready to start fucking living now. 

See like I said I’ve already committed suicide. 

I already died! 

Now it’s time to come back from the dead 

Into the land of  the living

Free, happy, alive and well. 

I’m ready to live

rise out my grave 

And escape my hell! 
By: Jenny Alforria 


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