Cast Away 

Cast Away 

I have discovered this beautiful island 

Where I found what I’ve been searching for, for so long 

The light to my dark heart 

The tune to my song 

I found something so special here 

And it is my treasure to keep 

No one can take it away 

No one can steal it from me 

I’m on this island all alone 

But I tell myself it’s ok 

Because this island here became my home 

And here is where I need to stay 

The fruit on this island is healing all the diseases I caught from sailing the seas 

The depression, low self esteem, and even the self hate. 

I thought that sailing the mysterious seas was where I should put my faith. 

I thought the seas were the cure to the illness I received from back home. 

So I ventured out all alone. 

Little did I know the seas made me worse and some how I drowned and washed up on these shores. 

I’m grateful I got lost and found this place! 

Because now I finally found the cure to all my pain and my hurt. 

I know eventually I must go back home. 

But for now I’m resting on this turf. 

Until I muster up all the strength I need and more. 

To be stronger than ever before. 
By: Jenny Alforria 


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